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Bakery Recruiting in the USA


The Bakery Recruiter

The Bakery Recruiter has been recruiting and placing successful Baking Professionals since 2007.

Our Bakery Talent has a passion for Food.

They typically have experience with:

  • Leavened Bread and Donuts

  • Artisan Breads and Desserts

  • Yeast Raised Dough

  • Laminated Dough and Pizza Dough

  • Fresh and Frozen Dough

  • Cakes and Pies

  • Frozen Cookie Dough

  • Cookies and Brownies

  • Muffins and Pastries

  • Croissants and Danishes

  • Crackers and Snacks

  • Cookie Dough and Dry Mixes

  • Fillings, Jellies, and Frosting


Food Scientists



We offer customized and tailored Direct-hire Recruiting Solutions for our clients.

Ask about our Bauer On-Demand sourcing, screening, and qualifying solution.  We partner with your Human Resource or Internal Recruitment teams to fill ALL your open positions - nationwide,

Frozen Dough
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